El creador del virus Sasser & Secure Point (segunda parte)

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Bueno, a raiz del articulo que se publico antes, sobre el autor del virus Sasser, Lutz Hausmann, de Securepoint, nos contacto para aclarar un poco las cosas, y aqui esta el mail que envió.

Dear Dear Madams and Sirs,

I saw your article about Sasser / Securepoint.

Many things are written are wrong. It would be nice, if you give me the chance to correct something.

Here my comment:

The Sasser’s author is employed by Securepoint as a full time trainee programmer from the beginning of September!

Some people ask: “Is it right, that given his alleged background, he is now working for an IT security company?”

Securepoint’s answer is:”Sasser shows to every people in the world, how easy it is to damage the IT-infrastructure. Sasser wasn’t even a very complicated worm. It is very easy and likely to have happen such things again.”

Securepoint’s message is: “If high- professionals will be hired by
people like Al-Qaida or other terrorists, an even more grave
deterioration could come about.” Securepoint suggests the media to refer
more to this endangerment, then to a casual successfully script kid.

If newspapers solely scrutinise the Sasser author’s employment,
Securepoint’s answer is: YES, under consideration of the underlying relations, it was right to
give him a job! (So, please, do not only write Securepoint’s answer was yes !!!!)
The kid was just an immature boy with mindless intent.
Nothing more! Certainly, he will get a strong sentence and if he could,
he is overready to turn back time. He will never do such thing again.

Another point: September 2004 Symantec acquired @stake.
We think, that’s much more problematic, because they have made tools for
hackers and some of them were hackers in the past.
Some discussion participants, like Sophos, refer to moral issues in this
case. Securepoint calls that into question: Why have they never publicly
blamed Symantec for that until now?

Some peolpe ask us:”Do you think you will benefit from the Sasser’s
author’s experience?” No way! We already have enduring success with much higher experienced
and more sophisticated staff! He is only an apprentice and will
get an excellent vocational training. He got the job, because he had
been the best amongst other people in an application procedure. He is a
commonly teenager, who wants – after his sentence – to live on in an
ordinary life later on.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Sincerly, Lutz
Technical Director, Securepoint

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