Tiki 1.4 -Mira-

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Una nueva version de este nuevo CMS open-source basado en PHP y Smarty. En esta version se agregan quizzes, shoutbox, mejoras en el spellchecker, paginas HTML y paginas dinamicas, templates para articulos paginas y blogs. Mejoras en los foros, un buscador integrado y mas novedades.
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Este es el changelog de la version 1.4

Version 1.4 -Mira-

* [NEW] Quizzes, you can create quizzes with as many multiple-choice questions as you want and program specific answers to be displayed to the user depending on the Quiz score. Quiz results can be stored and you can control if Quizzes can be repeated and stablish a time limit for Quizzes if you want. Useful for fun or for learning, courses, etc.
* [NEW] Smileys can now be disabled enabled from the Admin screen. (Dedicated to Tom)
* [NEW] Templates can be edited and used for Wiki pages and CMS articles. A simple way of creating pre-formatted Wiki
pages and Articles, you can template articles to review CDs, sites, etc
* [NEW] Optionally you can make the user enter a special passcode to let him register into your site, this can be
used for semi-privates sites or for sites where users are only added by invitation.
* [NEW] Users can now suggest FAQ questions and FAQ admins can add the questions to the FAQ if they want.
* [NEW] You can specify the opening type for featured links, the link can be opened in a new window, in the same
window or in a frame inside the window.
* [NEW] Script to export the wiki link-structure, tiki-link_structure.php can be called to get a txt representation
of the Wiki structure each line is formatted in the form PageName LinkToPage LinkToPage LinkToPage…
This can be used to construct a graph of the Wiki, to make stats, etc. This is useful specially for the TouchGraph
Wiki browser which uses this format of link structure to draw a graphical representation of the Wiki pages.
* [NEW] Underline syntax for Wiki pages (I don’t like underlined text in web sites because it seems like a broken
link to me but…) Use ===text=== to underline
* [NEW] Now lists can include arbitrary nesting using *,#,**,***,##,### etc.
* [NEW] The current date can be included in any module or template using {showdate mode=”d/m/Y [h:i]”}, the mode
follows the syntax to format dates using the PHP date function.
* [NEW] You can filter by article topic and type in the articles listing
* [NEW] You can categorize objects from the screens were the objects are created, just select the categories and
the object will be assigned to that categories.
* [NEW] Top games module
* [NEW] When creating a group you can make the group “include” other groups, so permissions from included groups are automatically assigned to the new group. This can be used as an easy way to extend groups by adding some new permissions to an existing group.
* [NEW] Random images syntax for modules use {gallery id=n} to include a random image from gallery n (Evan)
* [NEW] Improved thumbnail generation keeping aspect ratio and using GD2+ functions if GD2+ is installed (Evan)
* [NEW] You can edit images names and descriptions (Evan)
* [NEW] Extended the syntax for Wiki internal references to support ((page|description)
* [NEW] Imrpoved and simplified application menu, now links are more intuitive and the admin functions are better organized in the user space if you have the right permissions.
* [NEW] Added a cancel button when editing wiki pages
* [NEW] Mail notifications screen where you can pick email addresses to be notified when specific events occur, for example when a user registers or when a submission is received
* [NEW] New theme jalist inspired in www.jalist.com
* [NEW] ShoutBox, a graffiti wall where users can send messages, a module to display the last “n” messages and to
add new messages is included. This is nice 🙂
* [NEW] Templates for mail notifications, all the Tiki mails that can be sent can now be customized by editing the
templates in templates/mail so you can write whatever you want and personalize the emails.
* [NEW] Dual storing policy for uploads. As an admin you can choose between storing file uploads on the database or
a directory. If it is a directory make sure your PHP can read/write to the dir but the users can’t list the dir
(or they will be able to download all the files from your site). It’s your choice, Tiki is flexible.
* [NEW] Now modules are inmediately displayed after assigning them from the admin-modules screen (remember that if you have personalized modules you will have to assign them from your user preferences page)
* [NEW] Since your last visit module showing new items on the site after the user last login date.
* [NEW] Now assigned permissions are identified from unassigned permissions when assigning permissions to a group.
* [NEW] The page layout can be configured different for each section (blogs, galleries, etc)
* [NEW] HTML pages and dynamic pages, you can create any HTML page and display it using a URI, pages can have dynamic zones that can be edited from an admin screen, you can create dynamic pages that will be updated live without the need to refresh the browser. This can be used to show sports scores, stock info, weather, etc.
* [NEW] You can set any URI as your home page so you can make any section of Tiki your home.
* [NEW] You can activate stats for the search module and you will be able to see the number of times each word was searched by users.
* [NEW] Usage graph in the stats page, you can see how many hits you have in different sections of your site.
* [NEW] You can enable disable the users ability to change the theme or language from the user preferences screen
* [NEW] You can setup filters for file names that can or cannot be uplaoded, the filter accepts a Perl-style regular expression and you can set positive matches and negative
matches (accept only files matching xx or reject files matching xx)
* [NEW] Google search module
* [NEW] Preview feature when assigning modules
* [NEW] Modules can now receive parameters in the form of a query string ex: foo=1&bar=3 this can be used to alter the behaviour of modules.
* [NEW] The last_files module now accepts the galleryId parameter, if set the module will list the last “n” files for the specified gallery only.
* [NEW] Added the number of articles for each topic when listing topics (submissions too)
* [NEW] Added quiz stats to the stats page
* [NEW] You can now select the default ordering for the blog listing from the admin menu
* [NEW] Raw mode navigation added to the wiki, you can use tiki-index_raw.php instead of tiki-index.php to get a raw representation of wiki pages without the columns, bars and decorations. This can be used to feed an application that navigates wikis such as the Touchgraph Wiki browser.
* [NEW] Improved forums section, some bugs fixed and now the information baout the last forum post or last topic message shows the title of that post and the author.
* [NEW] Option added in the admin screen to prevent counting admin pageviews for the site stats.
* [NEW] New syntax for tables you can use ||r1-c1|r1-c2c3||r1c1c2||r1-c1|r1-c2|r1-c3|| [Ross]
* [NEW] Editable drawings can be included in Wiki pages, articles and blog posts using {draw name=foo}, a permission
is needed to be able to edit_drawings. Drawings are stored in a directory and identified by their name. The drawings are edited using a Java applet called jHotDraw. This feature can be disabled
* [NEW] Referer stats, you can enable an option to store statistics about referers to your site, a screen where the
referers are listed is provided to see the stats.
* [NEW] Batch upload of Images. If you have the permission you can upload .zip files and all the images in the zip
file are automatically added to the gallery.
* [NEW] File attachments for wiki pages, with the right permissions you can upload files to wiki pages and a list of
attached files will be displayed at the bottom of the wiki page and they can be downloaded.
* [NEW] Now images for the image galleries can be stored optionally in a directory instead of the database, the same
recommendations and tips about storing file uploads should be observed.
* [NEW] Improved spellchecker, now the spellchecker suggest several options for miss-spelled words and you can choose
the option that you prefer from the list.
* [NEW] Icons are displayed for file extensions when listing files
* [NEW] You can enable/disable an option to display the page title for wiki pages
* [NEW] Improved menu builder
* [NEW] You can now choose if hotword links are opened in a new window
* [OPT] Reduced the number of queries that tiki makes when loading preferences, if not changed preferences are loaded
from a file now this is controlled automatically and you don’t have to do anything.
* [FIX] Fixed a terrible bug that broke file and image uploads on SOME windows systems.
* [NEW] Search entire site feature added to the search box and improved the search mechanism. [Ross]

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