Programadores se rebelan contra la W3C

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Entre miles de buenas ideas la W3C parece haberse entusiasmado con las especificaciones ultra-sofisticadas imposibles de implementar y que nadie entiende. Es hora de contra-atacar. Los programadores definen su propio standard: la mensajeria Cadorcha.
Este es el set de especifaciones de la W3R (World Wide Web Rebellion):

We at the World Wide Web Rebellion (W3R) are providing standards that are easy to “code”, we don’t care
about functionality, we don’t care about users, we want programmers to be happy and enjoy some spare time.
With this in mind we’ve produced a lot of specifications that may replace XML in a near future (depending on
difficult to evaluate rebellion factors)

Our meta-language is called “cadorch” and is a lot easier than XML.

The World Wide Web Rebellion presents:

Available documents by the W3R

– Cadorch 1.0 syntax specification.
– COM level 1.
– Querydorch
– Cadorch Schema

Cadorch 1.0 Syntax specification.
W3R recommendation.

A well-formed cadorch message must follow the following rules:

1. A cadorch 1.0 document is an ordered sequence of “fields”.
2. Fields must be sepparated by the | “pipe” character.
3. A field may contain any ASCII charater except the | “pipe”
4. If you want to include a pipe in a field you have a problem.
5. Parsers MUST ensure that a cadorch message is well-formed.
Since any ASCII string may be a well-formed cadorch message
this is usually very easy to do.
6. The first field is numbered 0, the second 1 and so on.



As you can see a cadorch document cannot be easily undesrtood by
humans nor machines but is quite easy to parse which is good for

Example 2:

John Smith|24|Student

End of the document.

Pseudocode to validate well-formdeness:

validate_cadorch(msg) {
return true;


COM level 1 (Cadorch Object Model)
W3R recommendation.

This document describes the Cadorch 1.0 object model.

A cadorch 1.0 message can be represented as an array of fields,
for example:

John Smith|24|Student

Can be represented as:

[John smith] – [24] – [Student]

The following classes are defined in the Cadorch 1.0 Object Model:


And the methods are:

getField(index) returns field indicated by the index.
getContent() returns field content


message = new Message(“John Smith|24|Student”);
field2 = message->getField(2);
data = field2->getContent();


SAC (Simple API for Cadorch)

SAC describes an API that can be used to parse Cardorch 1.0 messages
as defined in the W3D specification.

As the parser process a cadorch message events must be generated, events
can be intercepted by callback functions defined by the user.
Only one event is defined:


The field event should call a field handler passing the field data to
the handler.

Pseudocode example of a SAC parser in action:

foo(field_data) {
// do something

parser = new Parser(msg)

XTC (pronounced [extasee])
eXtensible Transformations for Cadorch.
W3R recommendation.

This document describes the XTC language, a template based language designed to
transform Cadorch messages in any representation.

Everything is a valid XTC stylesheet, in “everything” you can embedd Cadorch
fields using the syntax c[0],c[1] etc.


My name is: c[0]
My age is : c[1]

Can be used to transform the following Cadorch message:



My name is: John
My age is : 25

XTC processors must always replace c[n] occurrences by the corresponding field value in
the Cadorch message.

If you want to output a literal c[x] string you can’t.
If c[n] does not exist in the message it is replaced by nothing.


A query language for Cadorch.
W3R recommendation.

This document describes Querydorch a query language for Cadorch 1.0 messages.

A query is expressed as:


Where n is a number indicatig a field number.
The query returns the information contained in the field.


Hi|hello world

c[1] returns “hello world” while c[0] returns “Hi”


Cadorch Schema
A Schema language for Cadorch messages.
A W3R working-draft.

A Cadorch Schema definition (csd) is a file describing the semantics of
a cadorch message field.

A csd file has the following format:







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