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Damn Internet is a site for anyone who is interested in the phenomenon entitled Internet made and maintained by real fans of the network. Here you will find news, information, tutorials, critical sites, film criticism, ads, downloads and everything related to the network at the speed of light and true authors of worldwide renown.

Damn Internet began back in 2000, with much entusiamos and great prospects for expansion, with more than 10 administrators and webmasters worldwide.

Damn not spammea to Internet users so the only way to see what's new is checking the site every so often or via RSS feeds.

Other activities

You can comment on articles if it seems appropriate! Damn there in Internet discussion forums but each note or article is a forum itself, all opinions count, nothing erases nothing is censored, the information is free and so should be. It is possible to vote the survey, commenting on the survey and vote earlier surveys. Other options include google search and add special sections that day after day ...

How to collaborate

Internet Damn accepts contributions in the form of articles, news or comments, opinions or whatever to all registered users only thing to be done is to use the option to send news of the main menu and now this. Damn Internet is enriched by the collaboration of users around the world to collaborate helps the site better and who knows, perhaps discover a hidden vocation ...

Damn Internet Add your site

All site can use the Internet Damn news and add them to your site the way they want it, in the direction http://feeds.feedburner.com/MalditaInternet find an RSS file with headlines of the day please do not abuse the RSS cooling it to abusive intervals.

Refresh rate

Damn Internet is updated daily n times a day depending on the volume of comments and news items received and the addition of sections or features we have of our administrators.


Damn Internet is the reference point for excellence in everything that has to do with the Internet, we welcome them all as users and we hope you enjoy the site.

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