ArtFutura 2002

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Art Futura 2002 is the thirteenth edition of an event that has become the most important forum for Spain dedicated to social, cultural and artistic implications of digital technology and new media. Four days of conferences, exhibitions, live performances, screenings, workshops and special presentations. (You follow ...)


· CCCB: Lectures and panels, exhibitions and screenings

· Mercat de les Flors: music and audiovisual performances,
performances and group sessions of "gaming"

· Cassinet d'Hostafrancs: BCN Party, activity associated
dedicated to the Demoscene (creative programming)

3D Digital Animation and Visual Effects

· Presentation - Weta Digital: The Lord of the Rings.

· Presentation - Alex Grau: Spider-Man

· Projections - ARTFUTURA Show

· Projections - Infographic in Spain

· Seminars and Workshops 3D

Installations, and Digital Art

· Exhibition: Painting Stretched: Paul Friedlander / The Web as Canvas

· Presentation: RSG / area3: Carnivore

· Presentation: Hi-Res

· Projections: Demoscene

Video Games

· Exposure - Ochoporocho: videogames, abstraction and simplicity

· Presentation - Independent Gaming: Gamelab / TeamChman / Innothna

· Fiesta - Videogames Live!

· Award PlayStation game creation ARTFUTURA

· Seminars and Workshops programming and game design. Soundlab
music creation with microconsolas.

Design, Audiovisual and video clips

· Presentation - New Visual UK: Shynola - Passion Pictures

· Projections - Motion Graphics

Monograph ARTFUTURA 2002

· Projections - RESFEST

· Presentation - RESFEST 2002


"The Web as Canvas", "Lightsculptures - Paul
Friedlander "and" Ochoporocho "

The first "Painting Prints" will feature
installation "The Web as Canvas" ("The Web as Canvas")
based on a selection of works on the Internet by Roberta Bosco and Stefano
Caldana, and "Lightsculptures" exposure of light sculptures
Paul Friedlander.

"The Web as Canvas" offers a series of artistic proposals
designed for the new canvas while creating new scenario
contemporary of the Internet. Conceptually innovative projects and
visually striking, which in turn are representative of the new
creative trends on the Web. Among them especially noted, World Wall
Painters, a new production made ​​for ARTFUTURA 2002 by the group
Barcelona area3. This is an application for the Carnivore
Project of RSG Radical Software Group, recently awarded in
the Ars Electronica Linz Awards. This project, based on the software
homonymous used by the FBI to conduct wiretaps on the Internet,
allows converting digital information into images and sounds. In practice,
Spy carnivore data packets in a specific area of ​​a local network
and makes them available to other artists to be reinterpreted in a way
creative, turning the computer code itself into a work of art.

The rest of the team includes, among others, projects like Eden Garden
of Entropy8Zuper, the new version of the project which premiered at the
MOMA in San Francisco, Feed, creative browser Mark Napier;
generative software Electric Sheep by Scott Draves; design
brutalist and underground Snowcrash of Antonio Mendoza; the
Insert Silence elegant minimalism of Amit Pitaru and James Paterson;
creative typographic variations Textension Joshua Nimoy,
or Unfolding Object by John Simon jr., a digital structure
is amended as Internet users access the web.

Stretched Painting No. 1 further comprising the sculpture exhibition
Paul Friedlander light. Friedlander uses controlled lights
computer and infrared sensors to create sculptures that simulate
giant holograms of special beauty. His work, which he defines as
"Kinetic sculpture" has been exhibited in Berlin, New York,
London and Singapore. The CCCB exhibition presents a selection of
most important jobs, and will include a new exclusive production: The
Wave Equation, a light sculpture over seven meters in length.

Ochoporocho: videogames, abstraction and simplicity

ARTFUTURA continues his exploration of the game as a new medium
artistic speculation through OCHOPOROCHO, an exhibition that invites
some of the most important figures of digital art, design
interactive and independent game development around an idea
Common: retrieve the values ​​of simplicity, abstraction and gameplay
characterized the early games of eight bits.

As the game industry is dumped in developing
increasingly sophisticated technologies and pursues naturalism sole
aesthetic horizon, a movement of independent artists who operate
mainly in the Red propose a different ideology. Faced with the millions
polygons per second, the simple lines of the 'wireframe' or
aesthetics of the pixel; against the "increasingly real", abstraction and
iconic simplicity of Pong and Space Invaders. Facing superconsoles and
graphics accelerators, flexibility of affordable technologies like
Flash, Shockwave or modified commercial games.

OCHOPOROCHO features pieces produced specifically for the exhibition by
the study of interactive Hi-Res / Soulbath and web community,
with facilities company "independent gaming" Gamelab and
Retroyou parts, Jodi and TeamChman, among others.


Digital art and new cultures of the Network; video games, 3D & Effects
digital. Design and new audiovisual events. Like every year,
ARTFUTURA will host the most important forum for discussion of our country
on the social, cultural, and artistic impact of new
technologies. Over 30 presentations by leading experts
International from all fields of digital creation.

Building Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings

Adam Valdez - Weta Digital (NZ)

Weta Digital, the New Zealand company founded by Peter Jackson, has been
commissioned to capture on screen the rich universe of "The Lord of the
Rings ". Adam Valdez, director of animation Weta speak at ARTFUTURA
on the complex process of creating Tolkien's Middle Earth, and
will present exclusively the second film in the series.

Spider-Man / Alex Grau

Alex Grau - Sony Pictures Imageworks (E)

Alex Grau was born in Barcelona, ​​although I worked in the United States since 1996,
participating in projects like "Babe 2," "Shrek" and
"Artificial Intelligence". This presentation will travel
mainly his experience in Sony Pictures Imageworks where he has worked
Technical Director in "Spider-man"


Florian Schmitt and Alexandra Jugovic, Hi-Res (GB)

The multimedia studio Hi-Res has managed to become the company
most coveted design web pages Europe performing in subverting
all of the design principles set out in the Internet. Enigmatic and
extremely demanding, its Award-Winning Web projects for movies like
"Requiem for a Dream" or "Donnie Darko" become ambitious
artistic experiments that extend the original work. In collaboration with
British Council.

New Visual UK:

Shynola and Passion Pictures (GB)

A great visual artists of the 90s and Cunningham or Gondry them
new equipment start happening as Shynola, responsible for video
Radiohead and UNKLE and Passion Pictures, first prize winners in the past
ARTFUTURA and responsible for multiple jobs in animation, advertising and
music (Coldplay, Gorillaz). In collaboration with British Council.

Web as Canvas

Cory Arcangel, RSG - Carnivore (EEEUU) area3 (E), R. and S. Bosco Caldana (E)

The Network as a new canvas and stage of contemporary creativity;
relationships between art on the Internet and some of the mainstream
the history of modern art. Furthermore, the particular interpretation of the
possibilities of Carnivore Project by Area3 stimulate a discussion
on democratic utopia Internet and the current reality of access to
information and new technologies. From the original objective of
Carnivore, software created by the FBI for interceptions in
Internet, security-related issues, control and be debated
digital repression.

Independent Gaming

Eric Zimmerman, Gamelab (USA), Damien Giard, TeamChman (F), Innothna (E)

Like any other art, creating video games needs of voices
independent work beyond the commercial dictates of
industry. The Gamelab Americans, French TeamChman (creators of
game winning online Banja) and Barcelona are inventing Innothna
new ways of playing and exploring aesthetic barriers that are
usually in superconsoles.


The US RESFEST festival has become the event's
relevant globally to all who are interested in the new film
developed almost exclusively with digital tools. Emerged from the
RES trade publication (for many the Bible of new filmmakers)
the annual selection by RESFEST is a testimony that beyond
large companies Hollywood visual effects, the democratization of
new audiovisual tools is having a tremendous impact on the
evolution of the moving image.

ARTFUTURA present a tour of the most significant of the five
Previous editions of the festival, and a special presentation at the
RESFEST team will present their vision of the new digital image through
best of 2002 edition.



The iconic ARTFUTURA Show collects the best works of animation
Digital produced internationally in the last year. Since most parts
spectacular produced by large companies in Hollywood to the
small wonders created by independent artists from around the
world. With work Framestore, Plastige Image, Erik Bakke, WETA Digital,
PDI / Dreamworks, Polygon Pictures, Steve Agland, BUF Compagnie and others.

Infographic Prize in Spain

The Infographic Prize in Spain -the most important award of its kind in
our country presents the best works of 3D animation and effects
Special produced over the last year. The audience at the
sample will have a chance to vote for the winner of the Prize Infographic
Spain 2002.


BCN Party selected in this special program more recent pieces
produced remarkable in the field of "Demoscene" or programming
Creative. Images, sounds in synchrony and large doses of imagination and
technical skill characterize the works of this subculture of creation
digital distinctly European. The digital moving image understood as
urban culture.

Motion Graphics

Design in motion; new non-narrative visual expressions. From
"Visuals" of clubs to television graphics, this selection lists
pieces of artists from various fields who are exploring the
new frontiers of expression of the moving image.


Videogames Live!

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona. November 2

Video games are often seen as an intimate pleasure to be enjoyed in the
privacy of the living room. But is it possible to bring the magic of their
universes birth to a scenic area? In the unprecedented environment of a theater,
digital artists and DJs will build a strong audiovisual spectacle
From the sounds and images generated by a multitude of video games
controlled by the visitors.

Participants highlighted the presence of, a community
decentralized web that has rescued the sound legacy of the golden era
video games, and exploring the musical possibilities of microcomputers and
hand consoles obsolete.

In addition, special overnight projections audiovisual culture
of video games. An event run by Fiftyfifty and ARTFUTURA.

BCN Party

Casinet d'Hostafrancs Sants 1 to November 3

BCN Party: an event dedicated to creative programming that brings together the
groups in our country belonging to the "Demoscene". The
ARTFUTURA visitors may also enter the premises of the party that
take place in the Casinet d'Hostafrancs Sants between 1 and 3

The Demos are a form of artistic expression of creation
computer. It is a common project that brings together all fields: music,
programming and graphics.

Sceners are members of a group that is dedicated to making demos. An
group consists of programmers, also called coders, designers, musicians and
other friends who collaborate with ideas or specific things. Each member has
a pseudonym or "nick", with which it is known in the
"Scene", which is the world of creating demos.

In bcnparty young creators of audiovisual art meet all the
peninsula, using their personal computers perform projects
professional finish with few resources. In this third edition of bcnparty,
for three days participants will stay, sleep and eat in
same party, bring your own computer from home, will share their
knowledge, his latest creations, participate in contests, will attend
conferences and displayed on a giant screen the latest productions
audiovisual scene of the year worldwide. bcnparty is not a party to
games, is a party where only creativity and visual art.

ARTFUTURA Projections

Valencia, Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe

Vitoria, Artium

Simultaneously with the conclusion of the main activities of
ARTFUTURA in Barcelona, ​​the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe of Valencia
Vitoria Artium present a selection of the section of projections
the festival. Attendees at these centers will see ARTFUTURA programs
Infographic show in Spain 2002 and 2002, and the monograph on
ARTFUTURA festival history: twelve.


THE "Award PlayStation game creation ARTFUTURA" intends
spread the work of independent artists working in this field and
support the development of new projects with a grant of 6000 Euros (1 million

In recent years, video games have become the first
entertainment industry and one of the most popular forms of leisure
whole world. But also, are an increasingly recognized creative field
the remaining areas of culture and art.

Prestigious institutions such as the Barbican Centre in London or the MOMA
San Francisco retrospectives have been devoted to the history and
aesthetics of the game, while international festivals projection
Ars Electronica has already under his belt to computer games and
console with interactive art installations and other works from the
academic art world.

In addition, the game design is also an employment option
younger attracts each time. In the next year, three major centers
teaching of our country will impart "masters" and postgraduate
programming and game design, to the demand for professionals
experienced by companies.

Therefore, ARTFUTURA and PlayStation want to establish an award that
recognize the new creativity in the field of videogames, and to provide a
these programmers and designers access to the workplace.

Who can access the prize?

Both professionals and amateurs; from self-taught to students
computer or digital arts, through interactive designers
web pages. Similarly, the work can be made in equipment, or

The works presented can have different formats: from files in "Flash"
or "Shockwave" to executable or modifications of existing games. In
Anyway, the only condition to be met is non projects

It is important that the games have a quality professional finish;
Above all, inventiveness, originality, and the "desire to be rewarded
to play "that work wakes up.

The award

The winner of creating video games PlayStation ARTFUTURA
will receive a grant of 6,000 Euros, to support the development of projects
related to creating games.

The judgment and the award ceremony will take place during the celebration of the
ARTFUTURA next edition of the Center for Contemporary Culture
Barcelona, ​​from October 31 to November 3.



ARTFUTURA presents

PLAYTIME - live gaming nite

Saturday 2nd November, Mercat de les Flors, barcelona

An interactive show about the culture of video games

Electronic music and culture of "gaming" come from
same technological roots - cheap domestic hardware that allows autonomy
creative and generates a popular obsession. While corporations
videogame giant Hollywood and control budgets culture
games - as the club culture - combines underground and commercial on a
cheerful and irreverent audiovisual mix.

PLAYTIME shows the games lounge to present a selection
eclectic artists working on the borders between video games,
art and performance. Also, have the participation of,
a decentralized web community of bands and musicians who have
rescued the sound legacy of the golden age of video games, and exploring
the musical possibilities of microcomputers and handheld consoles

At the same time the public will play a selection of games
commercial and underground whose images and sounds are added to the mix
audiovisual, in a show created jointly by artists, DJs
videojockeys and players.

An area of ​​"lounge" will show the best of demoscene
barcelona, ​​along with special screenings overnight on culture
audiovisual of videogames.

Starring Micromusic, JODI, Retroyou fcks Onceonce,

After participating in international events such as Ars Electronica, the Expo 2002
Switzerland or the Transmediale in Berlin, PLAYTIME host the first night
Micromusic held in our country. Musicians, DJs and visual artists
They belong to this decentralized community-based Internet will
the Mercat an audiovisual show that explores the aesthetics and sound
Nintendo Gameboy, the Commodore 64 and other mythical consoles and microcomputers.

Once11 fks Retroyou

The Once11 Retroyou musician and star in this collision between
audible and visual experimentation filled with digital distortion, pollution
graphic and worship mistake, based on the flight simulator created by the
Barcelona artist.

Jodi: Emulator

The new work of the fathers of is based on the
culture emulators: programs that let you play in the modern PCs
aesthetics and performance of computers like the legendary ZX Spectrum.

An event run by fiftyfifty and ARTFUTURA

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