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They presented the supercomputer Clementina 2. And for those who think that only the great powers supercomputers have this note show them that there may be just around the corner.

Supercomputers are an important support tool for science, given its high capacity for complex simulation models and calculations. In the region, only Brazil has a machine of this type, which in developed countries is widely used by research centers.

With CLEMENTINA 2 also feel a basis for the development of Internet 2 Argentina in a high-speed track for scientific and academic

The Vice-president, Carlos Alvarez, and the Secretary for Technology, Science and Innovation, Dante Caputo, presented General San Martin Cultural Center CLEMENTINA 2 supercomputer.

This tool, widely used in developed countries, will allow scientists and technologists Argentina have a vital resource for research needs facing highly complex computations and accuracy.

Moreover, a significant percentage of scientific research and technological developments require the use of a tool capable of running high performance parallel processing. The parallel is precisely the hallmark of the supercomputer, as defined by the professionals who worked on the design of CLEMENTINA 2.

The supercomputer will also facilitate addressing new problems or more complex and facilitate the development of technology: the medium term, its application will help improve the scientific and technological competitiveness of Argentina especially in the Mercosur. In the region, only one supercomputer in Brazil, so a center that provides advanced technology will influence not only in Argentina but in other countries of the continent.

Having a computer center like this facilitates the numerical simulation process and allows scientists, industrialists, environmental or social in complex, difficult models to address problems from conventional mechanisms.

For Argentina scientific community, which until now did not have easy access to these tools, have CLEMENTINA 2 will have consequences reaching either by the eventual shift of focus in research methodology or approach to new approaches.

To request the use of the supercomputer, may be required supercomputing center TURN TO THE MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: link here , in the section "Resources to Order".

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